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Truth is higher than any religion/organization

Feb 19, 1998 06:00 PM
by John E Mead InfoAvenue Operations

hi -

probably much of the prior arguement can
be restated in the term of mistrust.

the members of the tsa do not trust the leadership
of the tsa.

one quick solution is to hire an independent
CPA firm to receive (and mail) and count
the ballots in all elections.

If Wheaton agrees to this simple rule,
then most arguements regarding democratic
control evaporate.

how much easier can it be said?

I will note for the record that Bart L. (upon direct
question) decided that John A, Joan, and Ruben,
could NOT be bothered with talking/responding to members
of the theos-talk and theos-L discussion lists.

why ?

peace -

john e. mead

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