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Re: An idea

Feb 17, 1998 07:01 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, JRC
<> writes
>    I've spoken with several members at large, and people from at least 4
>other Lodges around the country who have quit - *because* of the way the TS
>is being run.

   Well now, John, I was Lodge President in the UK for 2 years,
Treasurer for one year before that, and Vice-President for one year
after - that's four year's voluntary service in what was the largest
functional lodge in England.  I quit because of similar attitudes from the
UK leadership.  Some of us simply wanted to open up discussion and
debate among the members without being "controlled" "directed" or
"advised" by the Lodge leaders during the fifth year, when I had
stepped back from the vice-presidency to the more humble role of
premises officer.  For helping to organize this discussion and debate I
was summarily dismissed from the Lodge committee, and even taking
away my membership of the Lodge itself was actively considered by
those opposed to open discussion in which they might not have an
automatic right to control or veto what was discussed - totally against
the local, national, and international rules, BTW.

The number of people involved was small; some of us transferred to the
UK equivalent of "member at large" - I was one - in order to cease
being under the jurisdiction of out own lodge!  Once things settled down
somewhat, about ten enthusiastic members out of the 50 listed members
(some very old and inactive) had quit. That's 20% at the local level.  In
my own field of Kabbalah I have been well known for some 40 years,
during which I have helped over 1000 students, always for free.  At
least two others have similar credit to their names - Robert Gilbert,
whose lectures at TS lodges worldwide are well-known (always for
expenses only), and whose knowledge of TS History is well-informed
and reliable, and Nick Campion, whose work on Astrology
encompasses very many years.

These events had repurcussions elswhere in the English section, and its
membership is now reported as being below 1000.  Of those of us who
left at the time I mention (as recently as 1995) only three or four remain
*any* kind of theosophist, and that necessarily with a small 't'.

The trend continues, and frankly, I hope that the existing (Adyar)
structure collapses altogether, as it has clearly departed from the
objectives and noble ideas of the founders (small 'f' as far as I am
concerned).  Then the true theosophists, by whatever name, may be
able to restore the theosophical movement.  The only values, as I see it,
of the official Adyar-based societies, are their possession of useful
premises and real estate (though England has had to sell quite a bit over
the years to keep going, and is contemplating even further drastic
measures in this area) and perhaps more importantly, the libraries of
theosophical and related literature.  But, more and more of this is
passing into the public domain as each year advances, and there is
already a vast amount of it appearing on the Internet - for free
download and distribution to anyone who wants it.

The bottom line is that in order to promote theosophical ideas and their
essential raison d'etre, the brother/sisterhood of humanity, all that is
needed is for people of goodwill to make their commitment to the work,
and share their findings with others, much as we do on the net, and
many groups do locally on the ground - often not using the word
'theosophist' at all.

The above events were the direct cause of the development of
Theosophy International, which has thus, as in the past with other
people, been born directly out of theosophical ideals and the very
Society which spurned it. The English Section of the Adyar TS clearly
regards it as an (unacceptable) 'alternative' Theosophical organisation,
and so it has *de facto* become, even though not a few of its members
are also members of the Adyar Society.  But we also have represntative
members from the former Canadian and Denmark Sections, and there is
one place still at least which deserves the highest praise for not, SFAIK,
falling into the same "control mode" as England and the USA appear to
have done, and that is the band of dedicated seekers after the Highest
Religion in NEW ZEALAND - may their work continue to prosper.

Could TSA members interact at a personal level with theos-l?  Let me
put it this way: some while back I announced a limited edition
publication sponsored by Abraxas (a printed work).  Within days I had
a personal e-mail request for a copy from, guess who?  John Algeo.

The few Abraxas publications on offer at the time were developed by
Robert Gilbert and myself.  There is more than a little irony in that ...


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