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Feb 13, 1998 04:51 PM
by Estrella

>The majority of theosophists seem to find it easier to ignore bad ideas and
>positions rather than correct them.

Agreeing with you, in the sense that not only theosophists, but "new agey"
or so-called "spiritual groups"

 The TSA leaders often use phrases like
>"now, don't be negative!"  as a way to guilt-trip an individual into
>silence.  That attitude actually *is* a very negative and damaging thought

You know something, in the foggy Ensenada, proud-to-be soooo nice and soooo
"spiritualy elevated" that comment is the rule and usual??
Mere hypocrysy, to me.I'm sick and tired of the so-called "spiritual-new
age-occult-socialists" burguois pepole....
They're sick,man!!!

(also - Thou shall not criticize thy church, or thy will be judged a

The same. lots of conservative church fanatics here too.

If we want to do a REAL change, we have to start at ALL levels. pretend
that most of the pepole are not worthy of pure and deep taughts, and focus
only in "THE" supposed pepole that "Suppose" to be the ones who will
understand, it is a real waste of time,because, How can you know if the
pepole is spiritualy prepared to understand some virtues only because of
their economical-educational status?? and some not??
Only the rishis of karma could know.
In the maintime, the only thing we can do is work with the most LOVING
pepole, the ones you can see in their eyes, the full love they profese to
Is the only way.

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