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Feb 13, 1998 12:48 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Even discounting what the Masters want to do or not to do, I think a
certain amount of gratitude is due to the Founders -- HPB, Olcott and Judge
for their sacrifices. All of them worked and sacrificed the prime of their
life for Theosophy and TS; they were in the mid forties when started TS  --
not after they retired after a full term of full time work earning a
living. All of us are the beneficiaries of the sacrifices of the founders
and we will have neither TS or Theosophy but for them.

Having said this, what I tried to point out was what the foundation of TS
as these founders saw (even though they received inspiration and
encouragement and direction from their Teachers). Over the last one hundred
years, none of the TS leaders have ever disputed the primary focus of TS -
i.e. Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Siblinghood. Now what we seem to have is TSA
taking off in a totally new direction with totally new emphasis.

Each one of us can believe in anything we want and give any priority to one
or more of the objects or anything else -- such freedom is inherently
needed for everyone's growth.

The issue I tried to address is when a National President (and the Board of
Directors) of TSA seems to relegate the Brotherhood issue and try to
present the TSA with a different emphasis -- mystery etc. there is no
problem, legally.

Fundamentally, the laws under which TSA is incorported gives them full
legal authority as elected officials to almost do anything they want in
running the organization. But the question that need to be addressed is why
the change in the emphasis? Is it a marketing gimmick to induce public to
join and/or buy the publications?

Since TSA is an integral part of TS(Adyar), such shift in emphasis might be
contrary to the long standing international policy and rules of Adyar and
might eventually lead to TSA losing its charter, as it has happened in
several countries. All these issues seem to be relevant. Hope they will be
addressed soon and we can all know where the organization is headed for the
next millenium.


At 11:12 AM 2/13/1998 -0800, you wrote:
>At 07:46 PM 2/13/98 +1100, you wrote:
>>I hope this is not too long.
>Yes, Bruce, Yes, Yes. This paper is so TRUE to the spirit of theosophy. I
>love you and bless you and thank you for preparing it.  Bruce, we can be
>thankful for our three objects. Perhaps they were designed for us to AGREE
>to and not for us to participate in. Isn't it fun that John Algeo steps
>theosophy down to us ( I mean, the human being.)? Brotherhood? Uh - the
>masters better be prepared to mankind's dedication to their families and to
>their countries. Perhaps the Masters could work for the three objects
>through our T.S., but when they work through the country, they use other
>ideals.  The family is so CHARACTERISTIC of man. I wonder how adepts live!
>Probably in cultural groups of sort. Maybe they don't value family, but we
>can still be strongly in support of family because that is what being human
>is. Think how much it helps our beloved animal kingdom to develop!
>I'm starting to think that the three objects are here for the Masters to
>accomplish, not us. What can't it be the masters who form a nucleus,
>encourage study, and investigate man, and us human beings can just agree to
>let them do it. John Algeo gave us something that we are capable of doing
>which is look deep within ourselves and when we do this we can find "The
>Masters." We can find the masters living within us and we can love them and
>thank them and know them and talk to them and they can make our lives
>thousands of times better than they ever were before.
>>If our personal view is so concentrated upon what we believe to be our
>>weaknesses, then how shall we develop that which is more worthy of our
>>consideration? We pay much too much attention to the minor faults and
>>disregard the major; whilst forgetting to be forever thankful to the Father
>>for the gifts already given.
>>Or perhaps the answer might be, "Oh, but I do that already!", without
>>reflecting as to whether one can really have done this enough, if in fact
>>the blessings have been itemised at all. It is a little like counting one's
>>money, only far better. There is meagre satisfaction in counting money and
>>checking to see if it is all there. For if one has more than enough, it
>>becomes merely an act of counting, and if there is a deficiency it becomes
>>more of a worry, because of that shortage.
>>To some it appears as a painful and arduous task. But if we are to receive
>>many gifts in our life, we are firstly to know and use what we have and
>>secondly to know of our gratitude for them. By actively doing this our
>>entire outlook does brighten, and a certain confidence develops within the
>>man, who then stands firmer in the world.
>>Quite often the remedy to our troubles is there before us and yet unseen. We
>>are to refine our attitudes and begin in small measures, seemingly, and find
>>that the results are astounding in respect to future changes which will be
>>effected, by the enhancement of our personal perspectives.
>>One may be greatly assisted in the beginning, by actually vocalising those
>>blessings, loudly pronouncing in detail to oneself or to another. This is
>>not to suggest boasting of course, but to explain the concept of the
>>practice of grateful acknowledgment and then to take turns in such
>>conversation, expressing as many blessings as one can bring forth. Such an
>>interplay will certainly uplift the mood of the party and also be far more
>>productive than many an alternative form of conversation!
>>Beware of opinions and comparisons however! This is not the intent of the
>>procedure. We must acknowledge that this is very subjective and not open to
>>conjecture, if it is indeed honest in reproduction. Also, one may never
>>truly be convinced when bringing to mind our treasured happinesses, this is
>>not the point. The point is the stimulation in the revealing and the
>>revelation of overwhelming gratitude which weeps from such vital
>>stimulation. The very fluids of the spiritual life pour from such
>>reverential thankfulness.
>Thank you, Bruce, I was very moved by your excellent insight.

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