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Universal Brotherhood

Feb 13, 1998 12:10 PM
by Thoa Tran

>In message <v01530502b108ef638e66@[]>, Thoa
>Tran <> writes
>> I
>>did notice that when I make a suggestion of change because I cared, people
>>are quick to respond.  And sometimes people goes above and beyond my
>>request.  All this surprised me.
>A friend of mine  many years ago, when working as a secretary, said in
>a bit of a temper to her bosses, "If you wanted this to go urgently, why
>couldn't you put a red blob or sticker on it or something!"
>A month later, all outgoing items were covered in various kinds of
>stickers and blobs covering all aspects of the rainbow, complete with an
>accompanying blob index. That's life :-)

If only that was the case with communication with the TS officers!  A
friend of mine just e-mailed me a bunch of asses.  Remember emoticons, the
smiley faces?  Well, this is asscons.  If I get frustrated enough with
these talks, I'm going to e-mail the asscons to both theos-l and
theos-talk.  This is a real threat, you know.  I'm already annoying enough
with the amount of my e-mails today.

Thoa :o)

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