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Re: Universal Brotherhood

Feb 13, 1998 12:11 PM
by Thoa Tran

>In message <v01530502b108ef638e66@[]>, Thoa
>Tran <> writes
>>The only thing is that, as people further in their search,
>>they should not forget to walk back to the first bridge once in a while and
>>assist the new ones over.
>In genuine esoteric groups or schools, this is de facto law.  When such
>groups become elitist, they always fold, sooner or later. If they carry on,
>they become fossilized, cease to be genuinely esoteric at all, attract
>critics and enemies, and their leaders become more interested in
>retaining power over their "followers".  If any organisations spring to
>mind, it will come as no surprise to me. Oh, and there are - honestly -
>other organisations than the TS around who could be said to qualify.
>Alan :-)

If there is anyone speaking for the "other side," I would like to hear why
the TS has become "elitist."  Did they become elitist because they feel it
is necessary, or did they become elitist despite themselves?  Do they feel
they are being "elitist?"  Please clarify for this semi-newbee.

Thoa :o)

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