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on the purpose of the TS(A)

Feb 13, 1998 03:45 AM
by jim meier

Recent posts have commented on the Objects, sub-groups within the TS, the
intent of the Founders, the usefulness of the TS, etc., and I thought it
interesting that this most recent re-hash of the thread started at the time
of the full moon of Aquarius.  Or at least, I was thinking about the
energies of Aquarius and so have been reading this thread in that context.

Aquarius (both this month and the next two millennia) is characterized by
the spiritual capacity to love and to serve, to become inclusive and
compassionate, and to share resources freely and fully in meeting
recognized need.  One of the contrasts with Piscean forces is the shift
away from "authority," from dependence upon others for direction, and from
rigid organizations.  When we consider how our Society has changed over the
past 100 years or so (changes which we all recognize), it is natural to ask
if these reflect the wishes of the early Theosophists who got together for
a specific purpose -- several, actually, as worded in the Society Objects
(in whatever order one considers them).

I wonder if these changes evidence that the TS was among the very best that
Pisces had to offer, an organization that has accomplished truly amazing
things in spreading the Ageless Wisdom, but an organization that is not
easily adapting to the "New Age," (for want of a better term).

What do "we" want the TS to do, to be? (This, as opposed to whatever we
think the Founders wanted.)
100 members would probably give 100 answers, but here is mine:
I think the TSA is a great "clearing house" for information.  For young
people and those beginning the esoteric spiritual search, especially, the
TS offers the broadest and most comprehensive source of books and ideas
available anywhere, offered without prejudice or pressure.  My own
"theosophical education" relied heavily on the lending library by mail, and
it is for that reason that I have been a member for a very long time and
will no doubt continue as a lifelong member of the TSA.

As for the other Objects: it is my opinion (and only my opinion, here) that
the TSA is not particularly useful; it is not focussed in any way or
direction, and it is not likely to become focussed due to the internal
bickering and crosspurposes of the various groups within it.  This may be
inevitable in an open an eclectic organization like ours, and especially so
here in America where we have fractioned as a people into numerous special
interests that now determine policy for the larger group.  As an example,
there was a thread here not long ago on Brotherhood that brought criticism
of the very word itself, as some members think it is sexist and demeaning
(their words, not mine).  That we can't even agree on this fundamental IDEA
of the Founders means, I think, that we will never agree on the means to
achieve its manifestation.  I would add, many (if not most) new members
find sooner or later that other groups better serve the interests that
first brought them to us.  Membership figures of the TSA support this; we
have an interesting mix of long-term members and newbies, without a growing

Each of us will have to answer for ourselves what we want our Society to
be, and then we should work to make it the best possible expression.
Speaking just for myself, the TSA is already all that it can be, given the
current interests and controlling forces -- and that is a very useful
organization to accomplish some things, but I would be surprised if "the
Masters" were still looking to us as member of this Society to form a
nucleus of Brotherhood.  It seems to me that other groups are doing a much
better job of that, and it seems reasonable that They would put energy
where it does the most good, not where it used to be effective.


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