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To Brenda on World Government

Jan 28, 1998 03:40 PM
by KeithHouston

As much as I can appreciate the SD's description of  the earth being made
bare and the general slaughter, it fits into my scheme of thinking that
some of the earth was still populated with creatures. "They slew the forms
which were two and four-faced. They fought the goat-men, and the dog-headed
men, and the men with fishes' bodies." I'm looking at some of the dinosaurs
which lived millions of years ago and most are Jurassic through Cretaceous.
As is shown in the SD p. 815, prior to Triassic dinos there were reptiles
(water men?) and the Dimetrodon is the only one pictured, reportedly living
265 million years ago. Dilophosaurus lived during early Jurassic.
Regardless of these tidbits of info, if the general cataclysm took place to
rid the earth of "nature's unaided forms," then wouldn't there have had to
have been a similar cataclysm, perhaps taking place before the beginning of
the fifth root race, which would have destroyed the "unaided human
approximations of adepts?"
The cataclysm at the end of the fourth would have also had a purpose
similar to the one described in Stanzas I-IV for man, only this time the
forms would have been extinguished by flames from adept beings who then
would come themselves to produce their needed equipment (in the way of
Anyway, I thought you might enjoy thinking through this side of the
question with me. Maybe you'll rest easier knowing we are under GOOD

Keith:  As usual, I don't think I can address you comments point but point,
but I think it is interesting that many traditions suggest that as long as
there are a certain number of spiritual people in the population, the race
or planet will be spared.  I am thinking particullarly of the Jewish idea
that the diaspora was necessary to insure that the shekinah or divine
presense would mitigate the angy Jehovah, Yod He Vau He again.  The Hindus
and Buddhists have similar stories of the race being spared due to the
actions of the elect and of course the Masters are seen as working behind
the scenes with worthwhile individuals.

I guess if I had children I would really be worried, but they will start
there own search

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