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Re: A good topic for Annual Meeting?

Jan 27, 1998 07:15 AM
by John R. Crocker

>From my discussions
>with people at Wheaton, it is just not worth their time to read this list,
>especially considering the frequency with which they are attacked with
>difficult to defend accusations (try to prove that you're NOT a despoiler
>of young goats!).

Especially if you despoil them. Many of the attacks have foundation - issues
are raised on topics that Wheaton completely avoids in their public
publications. It *is* difficult to defend oneself from accusations that are
*true*. In the non-profit's I've worked for, for instance, a membership
decline of one third in less than a decade, especially with membership this
small, would be considered a *serious* crisis, the sign of a fundamental
failure on the part of the leadership - and would (in fact *has* in several)
cause a complete change of leadership. I'm not suprised little is made of
the issue in the official publications, and that Wheaton would most
certainly avoid this list - where they actually might be called into account
for such things - and perhaps read another list where all is light and
rosiness and the most serious issue raised concerns the minutae of the
"Doctrine of Karma". -JRC

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