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Re: A good topic for Annual Meeting?

Jan 27, 1998 06:51 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

M K Ramadoss wrote:

> May be one of the good topics for the next Annual Meeting?
> Anyone from Wheaton listening?

    Actually, I am reasonably certain that nobody from Wheaton is
listening. There is a skill involved in reading active lists and
newsgroups, to quickly determine whether or message is relevant or not
(BTW, the more unnecessary quoting, the longer the determination takes, a
result being a premature tossing of a message that contains so much
quoting that the original content is difficult to find). This list, in
particular, requires a heavy use of that skill to avoid having it take up
too much of one's day (typing at 80 wpm also helps). From my discussions
with people at Wheaton, it is just not worth their time to read this list,
especially considering the frequency with which they are attacked with
difficult to defend accusations (try to prove that you're NOT a despoiler
of young goats!). While I see that the frequency of these accusations have
decreased in the past months, virtually all the people at Wheaton had
already stopped reading the list. Some MAY be reading theos-world,
however, though my suggestion is that rather than quote this message to
theos-world, you put it in your own words, as your own suggestion.

    Bart Lidofsky

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