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Re: Still waiting for Bart's Rply

Jan 25, 1998 08:58 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 98-01-25 11:43:08 EST, you write:

>The only help, assistance, aid, etc. I received in writing my message to you
>was the Pegasus Mail spell checker, which found a single incorrectly spelled
>(this, of course, does not exclude the possibility that I was involuntarily
>possessed by a Mahatma, or something on that order. As I did not give
>for possession or channeling, however, I doubt strongly that it happened).
>    Bart Lidofsky

The Mahatmas rarely channel through people and then they have ask for written
permission in triplicate and knock three times on the head of the mouthpiece
before doing the actual communication.

At least these are the instructions they have in their handbook, The
Kobiligan's Rules for Masters, 4th edition, Dharmsalla, 1922, pp 1004-10025.

While they are notoriously reticent about letting non-Mahatmas see this book,
the Dugpa Library and Research Institute has acquired several copies.

Chuck the Heretic

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