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An Interesting Exchange

Jan 23, 1998 11:51 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>I want to re-iterate nothing is wrong with TS organizations. I have been
>with TS for several decades and I have run into many many wonderful people
>over the years and it has helped me to develop best attitudes towards
>Humanity and I would any day recommend any one to join the TS. I am sure
>many here would confirm this.
>But after joining TS, a time is likely to come when one learns about the ES
>organization which is *not* officially connected with TS, but historically
>all TS leaders except H. S. Olcott was a member.

What caused the "wonderful" TS people to change once they become ES people?
If you're a wonderful and kind TS member, why would you turn into an
arrogant ES member?  Or do only arrogant TS members become ES members.
Naive questions, but somebody's got to ask them.

>One should carefully inquire as to what extent if, on TS policy or other
>matters if there is a conflict between what is told/expected of the ES
>member and the conscience of the member, can the member go along with the
>conscience. This may be an important consideration to some people who have
>grown up in the freedom environment of this country.

How does a person become an ES member?  Is there an elective process?  Like
elect like?

Thoa :o)

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