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Re: An Interesting Exchange

Jan 23, 1998 02:22 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 02:57 PM 1/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>       There is, however, a type of selfishness that the Mahatmas warned
>>>against, which people who are well along the "path" are especially
>>>prone. It is when the person gains a belief that the person is the
>>>only one who can solve the world's problems, and therefore that
>>>person needs to have the information and authority necessary for the
>>>task. Although there are many paths to the same place (or even no
>>>paths at all, as Krishnamurti felt), someone afflicted with that type
>>>of selfishness has a tendency to believe that one's own path is
>>>somehow the best, or even the only one. When a person acts on that
>>>belief, even though they feel their motives are pure, they tend to
>>>become something of a pain in the ass. It becomes especially
>>>difficult to deal with someone like this, because one is looking for
>>>the same goal as they are, but one realizes that to help this person
>>>in their goal is act as an enabler, and blocks their growth, as well
>>>as the growth of humanity.
>Bart put it very well.  My own thinking when I read about Doss' account of
>that theosophist was that there are many reasons why people wouldn't/would
>do something.  Although some motives may be evil, the older I get, the more
>I realize that people have good reasons behind their actions.  I don't
>usually associate with 'evil' people, but sometimes my paranoia makes me
>think that good people have an ugly motive.  Usually, when I realize the
>truth, I laugh at myself at the amount of lost time holding grudges.
>Thoa :o)
Let me add another classic example. There was a well know politician in
India who was the Governor of Several States. He, as a young man grew up
during the days of Annie Besant and affected by the love and warmth and
brotherhood she always was known for. He fought for India's Independence and
was a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi
and I believe he was also imprisoned during British Rule of India.

When he was the Governor, the guards at the entrance of the Governor's
mansion were instructed to let in anyone who announced he is a member of TS.
I know he was a long time member of TS and do not know he was a member of
ES, Masonic etc. So there *are* some outstanding TS members who practiced
real Brotherhood in everyday life.


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