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Re: An Interesting Exchange

Jan 23, 1998 02:12 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 04:28 PM 1/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>Bart put it very well.  My own thinking when I read about Doss' account of
>>that theosophist was that there are many reasons why people wouldn't/would
>>do something.  Although some motives may be evil, the older I get, the more
>>I realize that people have good reasons behind their actions.  I don't
>>usually associate with 'evil' people, but sometimes my paranoia makes me
>>think that good people have an ugly motive.  Usually, when I realize the
>>truth, I laugh at myself at the amount of lost time holding grudges.
>There are actually many kinds of selfishness that the Masters warned about.
>But this exchange has served to get completely off the point - Doss was
>using his interaction with that person as an *example* - to make a point
>about a much bigger issue. Whether this man had good reason or not to act
>the way he did - while Bart certainly presented one *possibility*, it is
>equally likely that *doss's* assumptions about why he was refused an
>interview are valid - a sort of spiritual arrogance develops within almost
>any "elite" group, a form of selfishness that even in HPB's time the Masters
>*explicitly* warned ES members about, the thought that they were somehow
>"above" regular TS members, and didn't need to participate in normal TS
>business and meetings - and *this* form of selfishness, on the part of the
>member, seems far more likely than the obscure form doss is being accused of
>possessing. -JRC

Let me also add that the same person who did not want to meet with me also
used to attend the ES meetings that preceded the TS meetings and also he
also never took the time to say hello to any of the TS members who had
assembled for the TS meeting. I am sure one can always come up with many
plausible reasons or excuses why he was always in a hurry to leave even
though at that time he was fully retired. I have never seen him attend any
regular/ordinary TS meetings at the lodge. But whenever any high placed
official of importance such as the International President visits the lodge
and speaks, he will always be there in the front row. I don't know what you
call this -- "selfishness" or what?

BTW, I am still awaiting Bart's response to my inquiry about any assistance
etc. etc. etc. he received in preparing his msg.


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