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Re: THEOS-NEWS digest 142

Jan 15, 1998 07:37 PM
by A. Safron

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> Subject: THEOS-NEWS digest 142
> Date: Thursday, January 15, 1998 2:36 PM
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>From the newspaper a few days ago we learn that even the Vatican now
> attempts to open his Secret Archives after 500 years of Inquistion...
> Also important for historical research would be the diaries of Bishop
> Leadbeater. But these items are secret, too.

I found out which way the wind was blowing when Radha visited
Olcott a couple of years ago.  Here main point of a Sunday 9 am
speech, was "Members are supposed to work and contribute to the
Society, NOT criticize it."  Those words sound like something of
a papal edict rather than the enlightened head of the International
Theosophical Society.  Nor would do I think it is very appealing to
any prospective newcomers.

A. Safron

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