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Commemorating GdeP's birth

Jan 15, 1998 01:14 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Jan, 15

Today, when several Theosophists are commemorating the birthday of Dr.
Gottfried de Purucker, leader of the Point Loma Theosophical Society from
1929-1942, it should be the right time for a little meditation about his
heartful Fraternization Movement he started in 1929 and of her he spoke on
several occasions at various places, even in addresses and lectures before
lodges belonging to the Adyar Society. We quote a paragraph from an Address
before the Wirral Lodge (Adyar) in Birkenhead, England, at their
invitation, January, 5, 1933:

"I am trying to bring out about a reunification of the disjecta membra of
the Theosophical Movement, i.e., of the various Theosophical Societies, so
as to form a compact organic entity to do battle with the forces of
obscrurantism and of evil in the world, just as there was one organic
entity, the T.S., in the time of H.P.B.; and I believe that this will come
to pass, but perhaps not in my lifetime. I may be called to give an account
of what I have done before the thing comes to pass; but verily, I believe
with all my soul that this Theosophical unity will some day be an
accomplished fact.
Now we of Point Loma hold certain doctrines and hold them with tenacity; we
love these doctrines more than life, because to us they are Theosophy, all
of it pure Theosophy, but not all of Theosophy openly expressed. We of
Point Loma don't like other strange doctrines, added on to these ancient
Wisdom-Teachings of the gods. We don't like psychic visions added to the
Message of the Masters. But for pity's sake is the Theosophical Movement
not broad enough to allow its component members, its component fellowships,
i.e., the different Theosophical Societies which compose it, to believe
what they please, and to honor what they may choose to honor? If not, then
the Theosophical Movement has degenerated; and personally I don't believe
that it has degenerated. I take you Brothers of Adyar: you, I believe,
teach and accept certain things that I personally cannot accept as
Theosophy. But do I say that you are ethically wrong in holding to these
your beliefs and int eaching them, and do I say that you have no right to
do so? Never. My attitude has always been: give fellow-Theosophists a full
chance; if what they profess and believe as truth is true, it will prove
itself to be true; if what they profess and believe is wrong, time will
uproot it. We of Point Loma ask for the same kindly tolerance."

-- quoted from: Messages to Conventions, Point Loma Publications, San
Diego, CA.

Isn't it worth for us, wether we belong to that or another or to none TS,
to meditate about this statement? Isn't it time to find peace among the
Theosophical Movement and forget and forgive? Should we not be clever
enough to unite in a state of spiritual thought and live Theosophy as
Brothers under Brothers?

Would like to get your responses on this list.

Ringding Frank

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