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A very interesting info

Jan 15, 1998 05:50 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I saw this on theos-talk. The info, IMHO, is of great importance/interest
to many and hence I am posting it here.


>Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 00:15:07 -0500
>From: Frank Reitemeyer <>
>Subject: Re: Theos-World W.Q.Judge's "unpublished" letters

>Most of the unpublished Judge letters are in the archives of the Adyar TS
and in
>the archives of the Pasadena TS.  The unpublished Judge letters to Olcott
in the
>Adyar archives, if published, would  either show that Olcott's accusations
>concerning Judge's letters are correct or that they are not.  This is an
>issue concerning the Judge case.  The Pasadena TS archives has the Olcott
side of
>the correspondence, but these would be of no importance in resolving this
>question, unless they were made available along with the Judge side of the
>correspondence.  I'm personally aware of several people who have pressured
>to make these letters available since the 60s, and Adyar has so far
refused.  One
>of the people was the late Boris deZirkoff.  The Pasadena TS has expressed
>Adyar a willingness to publish Olcott side of the correspondence providing
>agrees to publish the Judge side.  Their reasoning is that it would be a
manner of
>fairness that both sides should be available.

>Adyar has given no official reason for being unwilling to make the Judge

>ECHOES OF THE ORIENT was published by Point Loma Publications.


Jerry, thank you so much for this important "insider" information. This
information is of a kind we "normal members" are still missing in the
official theosophical magazines, excerpt the independent and critical but
fair High Country Theosophist of Dick Slusser.
To hold back important information and prevent us members to learn and to
our *own* conclusions (wether Olcott or Judge was right) is a violence
against *TRUTH*. Shame on all bigwigs in the Theosophical Movement who have
"Theosophy" and "H.P. Blavatsky" on their lips and in reality they act as
Brahmans or Jesuits. In our local newspaper there was an significant news
on Jan. 12, stating the fact that vaticanian Cardinale Joseph Ratzinger,
who holds the chair of the former inquisition comittee (Sacra congretio
Romanae et universalis inquisitionis seu Santci Officii) will OPEN the
until then closed Secret Archives of Rome for the first time in history of
the roman-catholic church!!!!
What does it me to us Theosophists in this context? Does that mean that
this Society, of her policy Jerry informed us so kindly now is the last and
only one world movement which prefers CENSORSHIP (and one may add:
We all should be alarmed about this sad progress towards... black magic, as
H.P.B. would have prefered to say. A THEOSOPHIST is who does THEOSOPHY.

Perhaps I could give a rationale for the policy of that society proclaimed
herself "Theosophical". It is known among students that there exist an oral
history back to the days of Judge. Some of his closest pupils explained
that the "non-letters" of Judge in the Adyar archives containing some
detailed prophecies from Master about Adyar: When Adyar would not return to
the Original Programme of the Parent-Society (see BCW VII, 157) until a
distinct period, the Masters would do certain things (perhaps suddenly new
documents will arise?) with the results that "hundreds and thousends"
members will stand up angery and revolt againgst Adyar. So all of us who
stand fast to the Cause and the Truth should not be worry. Time and karma
will work for us. And for others time will running out. It's just 23 month
up to 2000....

And today, the birthday of GdeP is just the right time to remember what
this great soul had to say:
"So then, here is your check against the unlimited and ungoverned
introduction into our beloved Theosophical Movement of corrupting or
disintegrating influences, of hunters for position and place, power, and
kudos: the fact that Teachers exist and can be reached by those who prove
themselves worthy, and that each one of you can gain all that such a
Teacher has or will ever have by going within and above yourself, looking
within and following the teaching, and then your hearts will be at peace
with your fellow-man; you will then have courage to tell him the truth if
needs be, because your own mind will see, and your brain will be cleared of
the fogs of deceptive thought."    -    GdeP: Messages to Conventions, p.
51, Point Loma Publications.

Love and Peace,
Ringding Frank

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