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Chicken or Cosmic Egg?

Jan 14, 1998 03:21 PM
by KeithHouston

Which came first the kabbalah, the SECRET DOCRTINE or some primal wisdom
teaching?  I guess most would go with number 3, that all esoteric teachings
gain their credibility by their similarity while exoteric teachings stress
the comparitve nature of religion, that is my sky daddy can beat up your sky
daddy and God knows his sons put on a good fight in the Middle East,
Northern Ireland and everywhere inclucing my backyard!

My recent study of the kabbalah would suggest that she could have come up
with much of the same stanzas by meditating on a combination of divine
geometry from the schools of Pythagoras and the Neo-Platonists like Plotinus
and putting in the mysticism of descent and return of the kabbalah and
dressing it in quasi-Eastern vocabulary?

Why do I care?  Well I think the study of the Hebrew letters, their shapes,
orders, names reaveal a similar BOOK OF DZYAN from Aleph as the primal all,
Beth as the house of God as number e 2 or polarity, Gimel the camel is
movement that comes and goes..... all the way to mem the waters of the
source and Lamed as the return backward to the source and travelling back up
Jacob's ladder to Aleph again.  You might try it, it worked for me!

Reverberation, back and forth, up and down, above and below - this is the
essense of existence and above that Nothing, no movement, no mind, no
boundary,  no limit!
Keith PRice

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