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Re: Error Condition Re: Re: What is ART? Baby, don't hurt me - no mo!

Jan 14, 1998 01:59 PM
by KeithHouston

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>Date: Tuesday, January 06, 1998 6:07 PM
>Subject: What is ART? Baby, don't hurt me - no mo!
>>I appreciate Mark K's comments on art, maybe because he IS an artist,
>>I am not.  I feel that art is definitely a way to access emotional,
>>psychological, and spiritual realsms in the way the spoken word can never
>>do.  Exalted (or debased) states of consciousness can be evoked in the
>>viewer.  The art of the ancients was practically ALL art of a spiritual
>>nature starting with the cave painting and sculptures of our most distant
>>I have been rereading works on the Golden Mean porportion in books on
>>Geometry.  The ancient greeks discoverd mathematical formulas for
>>the order and design of our world as expressed in two dimensional or plane
>>geometric expressions.
>>Temples in Greece and even Egypt use formula to express this divine beauty
>>and invoke the gods and archetypes themselves in glyph and stone.
>>Ancient art was often stylized and unrealistic because they were
>>inner states and other worlds.  The renesance gave us perspective and
>>brougth the angels themselves down to the earth plane and put them in
>>bedroom in an uncomfortably realistic fashion.  Nobody believed those
>>They were too real!
>>Zen art is an interesting attempt to do more with less and get
>>with a few brushstrokes.  I have learned to appreciate modern art and the
>>truncated, distorted, forms persist in commericial art and logos of modern
>>states and corporations.
>>You, know people used to believe in the divine rights of kings and that
>>priests really could contact the gods and give prophecy.  These things are
>>still true today but it is so hard to believe.  Most people chase the most
>>devasting of illusions and art forms commonsly called the "dollar".  Talk
>>about MAYA!  It isn't so much an illusion as collusion.  I will believe
>>those green sheets are worth something a kill myself chasing them if you
>>We had a talk at our lodge in Houston by a lady from New York who is a
>>theosophist and artist (not uncommon really).  She spoke on the
>>behing the heiroglyphs.  She pointed out that the vulture (so repulsive to
>>many) is actually a bird of high spiritual significance to the Egyptians
>>are the dung rolling beetles or scarabs.
>>Beauty is in the eye, as they say, but so many of today's artist don't
>>try to justify their hedonistic excesses with a spiritual philosophy of
>>a Kandinsky.  Think of Curt Cobain and the joke title "Nirvana".
>>Now there is a spiritual leader without a cause!
>>Keith Price

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