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Conscription in WW I & II

Jan 08, 1998 09:30 PM
by M K Ramadoss

On reading the posts on the developments in Indonesia, the following came
to my mind. some may be interested.

During the WW I and WW II, the Theosophical Leaders were discussing about
the war being between the white forces and black forces and supported the

Krishnaji was living in the USA when the US got involved in the war. He was
asked to help the war efforts and he refused. He refused even to get
involved in any civilian capacity supporting the war. He appeared before a
Government Board which reviews these cases and gave a six page
justification why he would not participate or support. In the end, the
Board told him to go back to India, since he was Indian Citizen. He told
the board he would gladly return if they could arrange for his
transportation. While the transportation was being arranged, he was asked
to stay in Ojai and not to give any talks. No transportation was available
till the war ended.

At a time when everyone was in favor of supporting the War, Krishnaji stood
very firm in his opposition to all wars did so till the end of his life.


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