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Re: Cyber Tylenol

Jan 03, 1998 06:05 PM
by Thoa Tran

Ouch!  My head hurts!!!  When I encounter a post that I cannot comprehend
(some due to bad writing), I keep on reading until it looks very simple.
Things look difficult until you understand it.  What an oxymoron!

Thoa :o)

>Here is something I just received.
>oh man, somebody needs to invent 'Cyber-Tylenol' for newslist philosophy
>"Do you have that nagging feeling that everybody is talking about
>something you cannot possibly discern? That over-amped aura lethargy
>from trying to *get it* just as hard as you can, waking & sleeping, &
>still remain totally perplexxed? That cross-wired post-Holiday pain in
>your head from trying to relate to everybody online AND in real life,
>from both sides of the head & heartache pain of futility?"
>upon reflection, I think the innovation of virtual reality as accessed
>by the personal home computers needs to become more accessible before
>the time comes for this idea. Until then - REAL Tylenol will have to
>But remember, you heard it here first!
>valerie cooper, copyright January 3, 1998

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