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"High Country Theosophist" is Now Online

Jan 02, 1998 01:53 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

I've been asked to pass on the following announcement of another
theosophical magazine going online on the Internet.

-- Eldon



The HIGH COUNTRY THEOSOPHIST is now available on the Internet.
Information on it's online version and how to subscribe is in the
new-subscribers message, which follows.


This mailing list is associated with the Internet version of THE
1986, is an INDEPENDENT journal, has as editorial objectives;

(1) To serve the greater Theosophical Movement as a forum for the
free interchange of ideas and commentary in the pursuit of Truth
and to facilitate various projects in furtherance of Theosophical

(2) To present articles and essays consistent with source
theosophy, otherwise known as the Ancient Wisdom as given by The
Masters and H.P. Blavatsky, and other theosophical writers
consistent with this tradition.

(3) To examine contemporary ethical, religious, metaphysical,
scientific and philosophical issues from the viewpoint of the
source theosophical teachings.

(4) To impartially examine significant events and issues in the
history of the theosophical movement which have affected and
shaped its present-day realities.
The following guidelines and ethical standards apply to the
content of the HCT:

Statements and opinions appearing in signed articles and readers'
responses, are those of the authors and are not necessarily
shared by the HCT editors.

We exercise restraint in editing letters and articles for
publication but generally draw the line on personal attack and on
material that is counter productive or irrelevant to our
editorial objectives. However, we believe that the controversy
aroused by what we do print is of value in the quest for Truth."

We believe that the blanket assumption of "copyright status" for
all source material, unless specifically stated otherwise, is
unreasonable and a hindrance to the dissemination of theosophy.
We do, as a matter of practice, acknowledge the source of
reprinted material, both for the reader's benefit and the honor
of the author. While we deplore the implied ownership of ideas,
we do abide by the constraints of articles bearing a specific
copyright notice.

(Write to "" to subscribe to the magazine.)

This list is unmoderated. Anyone can subscribe or unsubscribe.
This will allow for an open discussion of the topics presented in
the magazine. From this list may also arise ideas for future
articles, generated out of the discussion.

Significant comments are encouraged, but trivial comments like "I
liked that" or "Huh" should be sent directly to the author, and
not posted.

NOTE: Monthly issues of the HCT are in "Portable Document File"
(PDF) format and are readable with Adobe Acrobat. A free copy of
Acrobat is obtainable at the Adobe www site

There are four issues online so far.


The October 1997 issue (85,741 bytes) is at:


The November 1997 issue (293,254 bytes) is at:


The December 1997 issue (75,528 bytes) is at:


And the January 1998 issue (431,201 bytes) is at:

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