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Re: THEOS-L digest 1365

Dec 29, 1997 11:53 PM
by Mark Kusek

> Keith Price wrote:
> I think all the experimental, non-representational art that
> makes news has to be stranger and stanger, a kind of Andy Warhol joke at the
> audience, not with it.

Maybe some of it.

> I think there is a lot of interesting art that addresses spiritual issues
> around.  I think the QUEST magazine makes a valuable forum for art that
> opens into a higher world of bliss and beauty.

Really? QUEST magazine?

> Of course, not all modern
> art is bad, but we are subjected to such ugliness sometimes and made to feel
> like Philistines or bumkins if we don't appreciate it.

Snobs, the whole lot of them, I say.
Notions of beauty are very different nowadays than they have been in the

> I am thinking about
> a lot over scale art in front of our buildings in Houston.  They are
> psuedo-Calder-Miro-ish papier mache atrocities on a grand scale.  I didn't
> want to search it for meaning.  It was repulsive.  The  neo-classical and
> neo-gothic office towers gave me a since of peace and serenity.  Of course,
> art is THE SHOCK OF THE NEW, but I for one am a little burned out.

Giving a sense of peace and serenity aren't always the intention of
There's never a lack of debate whenever tax dollars are spent on public
Thank God, we're free to scream about it if we hate it.
Sorry you're so burnt.

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