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3rd Symposium on SD

Dec 25, 1997 10:15 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Stryker:

In the flyer on the subject, there was a question how you can help. Here
are some ideas of using computers and Internet technology as an aid both
for the writers/presenters to communicate and making the Symposium material
available to everyone in the Cyber space around the world. It is an
opportunity that is available for the first time for the Symposium.

1. Request everyone who is submitting abstracts, summaries and final paper
to either e-mail them to you or submit them in diskettes in Microsoft Word
or WordPerfect format. It is more than likely that everyone may be able to
do it.

2. As and when the material arrive, they can be distributed on the Internet
by e-mail to everybody interested. This can be done as soon as the material

3. This would provide opportunity for the entire Theosophical community to
comment on the material. There are scholars around the world who could
provide immensely valuable feedback which will be useful to everyone
including the committee screening the material.

4. When the committee selects the papers, they can immediately announce the
selection on the Internet.

5. As and when the final papers are ready, they can be distributed by
e-mail around the world.

6. During the symposium, each day after the morning and afternoon session,
a summary of proceedings and discussions can be prepared. It can be printed
immediately and distributed to those present and also e-mailed to everyone

7. This way those who for one reason or the other cannot be present at the
symposium can keep up with the symposium at every step.

8. Let us make use of e-mail to our best advantage. It is free. Only it is
going to take the labor of love of some of us.

9. If anyone has any comments on the above, please post them to theos-l,
ti-l, theos-talk with a copy to Strycker.

10. I will be willing to help in any of the above tasks in the cyberspace.

M K Ramadoss

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