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3rd Symposium on Secret Doctrine

Dec 25, 1997 03:48 AM
by M K Ramadoss

<bold><bigger><bigger><bigger><bigger>THIRD SYMPOSIUM



</bigger></bigger></bigger></bigger></bold>and H. P. BLAVATSKY

<bigger><bigger>May 21 to 24, 1998


Saint Francis de Sales


7501 NW Expressway

Oklahoma City, OK 73123

</bold><bigger><bigger><bigger>CALL FOR PAPERS


The year of 1998 is the 110th anniversary of the publication of H. P.
Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine (S.D.), which was published in 1888. We
will honor the occasion with the third symposium in the U.S. on S.D. in
recent years. H.P.B.'s intention in her source book of esoteric
philosophy was to bring to the highest minds a far-reaching vision and
cutting-edge understanding of our universe and our own humanity. This
symposium is being organized to further this vision.

The first symposium was held in San Diego, July 21-22, 1984. There were
17 papers from 4 countries. The proceedings were published as the
Symposium on HPB's Secret Doctrine, Wizards Bookshelf, San Diego, 1984.
The second symposium was called "Secret Doctrine Centenary." It was held
October 29-30, 1988, in Pasadena, California. The Report of Proceedings
was published by The Theosophical Society, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.

</bold><bigger><bigger>SYMPOSIUM NEWSLETTER


Periodically a newsletter will be sent out to participants and supporters
of the symposium. The newsletter will provide timely information about
the symposium prior to next May. Those interested in receiving the
newsletter are encouraged to request it in the attached response form.

</bold><bigger><bigger>VENUE AND ACCOMMODATIONS


This symposium will be held at the beautiful Saint Francis Pastoral
Center, Oklahoma City. Details for food and lodging will be made
available in the meeting announcement to be distributed early in 1998.
This announcement will include a preliminary program and a call for

</bold><bigger><bigger>WEB PAGE


Stay current on symposium activities by visiting our web page!

</bold><bigger><bigger>CALL FOR PAPERS


We invite participation by all serious students of the S.D. who are
interested in or involved in theosophic work federation wide, nationwide,
or worldwide. For those interested in submitting one or more papers,

1) Submit (by January 31, 1998) a proposal by mentioning a title, a brief
synopsis, and a draft outline.

2) Send in (by May 1, 1998) the final written paper for publication.

A committee will review those titles submitted by January 31 and make a
selection for those to be presented at the conference. It is expected
that there will be more papers than time to deliver all of them orally.
In choosing those to be read, we will try to keep an overall balance of
topics on the S.D.

However, all papers submitted that are considered relevant to the
conference will be included in the proceedings. The papers in the
proceedings will not be limited to those presented at the conference. A
copy of the proceedings will be available at the conference (cost will be

Ceremonial addresses will be reduced to a minimum to accommodate as many
oral deliveries as possible. Brief comments will be permitted for each



In addition to authors and conference attendees, we also need volunteers
and sponsors. Registration costs will be kept low to encourage
participation (ca. $35), and therefore, financial support from sponsors
to defray mailing costs, etc., will be gratefully accepted. Those unable
to help financially, may be able to assist in other ways.

</bold><bigger><bigger>TELL US HOW YOU CAN HELP!


</bold><bigger><bigger>SOME SUGGESTED



1. Science and <italic>The Secret Doctrine

</italic>2. Religion or Spirituality and <italic>The Secret Doctrine

</italic>3. Philosophy and <italic>The Secret Doctrine

</italic>4. Chaos, Order or Beauty, and <italic>The Secret Doctrine

</italic>5. Cyclicity or Periodicity

6. Unity, Polarity, Diversity

7. Motion, Mind, and Matter

8. No-God, Gods, and Goddesses

9. <italic>The Secret Doctrine</italic> and the Mahatma Letters

10. The Self and Not-the-Self or Not-a-true-self

11. The Real, Virtual Reality, and the Unreal

12. Globes, Chains, Rounds, and Root Races

13. Involution, Evolution, and Resolution

14. Teachings: Exoteric, Mesoteric, and Esoteric

15. Reunion & Realization-Revelation & Reason

16. How <italic>The Secret Doctrine </italic>Came About

17. Where is the rest of <italic>The Secret Doctrine?

</italic>18. Key Technical Terms to <italic>The Secret Doctrine

</italic>19. <italic>Secret Doctrine</italic> and World Myths, Legends,
and Fables

20. Truth, Theosophy, and Theology

21. Chelaship to Adeptship

22. Disciplines: Discipleship to Discoveries

23. Awareness to Awakenings

24. Cosmic and Human Consciousness

25. Space, Time, and Eternity

26. Root Races, Subraces, and Branch Races

27. Physical and Superphysical Realities

28. Monads and the Kingdoms of Nature

29. Number: Measure to Metaphysical Metaphors

30. Mudra, Chakra, Mantra, Sutra

31. Yantra, Tantra, Vajra

32. Etcetera, N-cetera

</bold><bigger><bigger>TITLES OF SOME OF THE PAPERS



"Science and the Secret Doctrine," W. D. McDavid.

"The Hidden Deity in World Religions," Vic R. Hao-Chin, Jr.

"Light the Dzyan: Kala Chakra," David Reigle.

"Science in Myths," Elsa-Brita Titchenell.

"Secret Doctrine in Braille Projects," Dennis Gottschalk.

"Caves of India," James A. Santucci.

"Six Propositions of the Secret Doctrine," John P. Van Mater

"An Invitation to the Secret Doctrine," Grace F. Knoche.

"The Secret Doctrine and its Cultural Impact," Manuel Oderberg.

"The Writing and Publication of the Secret Doctrine," unknown.

-many others-


Nancy Blott, President

100 SE 9th-Suite 902

Topeka, KS 66612

785-235-280 1


Oklahoma City, May 21-24, 1998


</bigger></bigger><bold>Please check all that apply:

__ I would like to submit a paper (enclose title and summary). Submit no
later than January 31, 1998.

__ I would like to attend the symposium. (Put me on the mailing list for
the next conference announcement.)

__ I would like to receive the newsletter.

__ I would like to help with the symposium (indicate areas of specific

__ I would like to become a sponsor (enclose financial support).

__ I cannot participate, but will provide good thoughts.



City, State & ZIP:




Please return via postal mail to:

Secret Doctrine Symposium

100 SE 9th-Suite 902

Topeka, KS 66612

or via email to:

Do you have any comments or suggestions?

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