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3rd Symposium on SD and HPB

Dec 22, 1997 11:09 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I just received by snailmail an announcement of the 3rd Symposium on SD and
HPB scheduled to be held in OK City on May 21-24, 1998. I will post an
extract from the announcement later today.

Info on the sympsium can be found at

Also the contact person Arden Strycker can be contacted by e-mail at

The snailmail contact is:  Secret Doctrine Symposium
                           100 SE 9th Street -- Suite 902
                           Topeka KS 66612

Phone contact is:          Nancy Blott

I am copying this msg to Arden Strycker so that as and when updates are
becoming available, Internet e-mail can be taken advantage of by posting
the updates at theos-news, theos-l, ti-l, theos-talk.

Arden may want to subscribe to theos-news, theos-l, ti-l by sending a
e-mail to
LISTSERV@VNET.NET with a message

         subscribe theos-??? Arden Strycker

and subscribe to theos-talk by sending a msg with

subscribe to

Arden may also want to provide more information on the sponsors they are
looking for and also more details of who is presiding and who is going to
review and accept or reject the articles submitted fo the Symposium.

M K Ramadoss

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