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Theosophy Resources

Dec 21, 1997 01:35 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At a time when Internet is breaking down the walls between various
Theosophical Organizations around the world, the Theosophical Resources
project is a laudable one and can bring about a level of cooperation among
grass roots level never before seen  while the elected or appointed leaders
are content with the way things are and have been for a long time.

I think everyone who has Theosophy at their heart of hearts will support
the endeavour.

Following was taken from theos world.:


by Wesley Amerman

I would like to announce the formation of Theosophical Resources,
a new project intended to expand opportunities for creative work
for theosophy. It will be an independent network of people who
agree to share ideas, information, experience, training methods
and learning resources in theosophic service. By reaching out,
individuals can assist on another and discover within themselves
and others the hidden human resources needed for the future of
the theosophical movement. Theosophical Resources is dedicated
to be a clearing house for practical ideas rather than doctrines,
and will be available to help anyone contact others with similar
interests, without regard for formal theosophical or other

This is a proposal to create a network of shared resources in the
service of theosophy, to be free and open to all to contribute
ideas, offer and ask for assistance, share experience and
associate with others. For lack of a better name (and perhaps
because it is a descriptive one), it shall be known as
Theosophical Resources.

The stated Objectives of Theosophical Resources are:

1. To provide study, research, promulgation, teaching and
learning resources for students.

2. To identify opportunities for work, study and service within
the theosophical movement.

3. To serve as a clearing house of ideas, information and
practical knowledge.

The means for spreading this work will be as varied as the
individual contributions made to it. Suggestions made thus far
have included: the creation of a Student Resource Directory, a
preliminary list of projects, an Internet web site to post news
and events, a printed and/or electronic newsletter, develop and
hold training, teaching and education courses, conferences and
workshops for theosophists and for the public, suggest resources
to help groups with their own and joint projects, help to
coordinate "service learning" opportunities, the study and
promulgation of new teaching methods for reaching the public,

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