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Re: Common man/woman's WWW

Dec 19, 1997 07:13 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:33 PM 12/19/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In message <>, Vincent Beall
><> writes
>>Doss, I believe that you can find tools on the net for authouring your
>>own webpages, and Geocities or Fortunecity will host your pages at no
>>charge. I built my pages with Frontpage'97, and my IP provides 3 mb
>>space at no extra charge.
>>Am I missing something about this new service that you are telling us
>Well now, with a little effort and research it's easy and it's free.
>Download an HTML web page and send it to a text file, and you will
>see all the necessary commands for that page right there in plain ASCII.
>All web pages are written in ASCII using relatively simple codes.
>Try dowloading the front page of the website below, and copy the
>script for the new ticker to the clipboard.  Then download your own
>front page, send it to ASCII (like Notepad) and past in the script you
>just copied.  FTP it to your own front page and bingo!  You got it,
>clock and all!
>Some Word Processors offer web page construction, e.g.,
>Wordperfect 7.0 - so there is probably no need for many of us to buy a
>special 'web construction' program at all.

Thanks for explaining the mechanics. Please also see my msg to Vincent.


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