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Is Your CRT Flicerking?

Dec 16, 1997 12:17 PM
by KeithHouston

I am told that some people can see CRT and some TV monitors flicker, that is
blink quickly and irritatingly.  I think it may have something to do with
metabolism.  I notices that an excess of some decongestants can cause an
increase in the amount I notice the flicker.

I am relating to this to my topic about what people notice and don't notice
in the interpersonal communications we all deal in everyday.
A few are very consciously atune to non-verbal communication such as
gestures and what is now termed "body language".  We are all UNCONSCIOUSLY
affected by it.  Everyone know a threatening posture or a seductive brush of
the hair.

However, I was talking about how some criminal subcultures engage in hidden
communications through gesture, argot and vocabulary.  For example the old
term "wise guys" means he is a member of our criminal clan.

I have tried to become aware of this without directly participating in it.
I am sure the police keep up with the everchanging gang slang.  Why should
we care?  I have suggested that this has become such a presense in our
society that one cannot help but be contaminated by these thought forms.
They invade our aura or what is now called our "space".  They are evident in
tatoos, gestures and even the hairline of current hairstyles to signal rank,
I would suggest.

Once on becomes a part of this, it is hard to not hear or see it to the
point of needed to filter our the noise. That is why many wear special sun
glasses and listen to boom boxes whenever "on the street".

As one's frequency of response to the vibrations or frequency of external
stimulit is increased one can see hidden gesture or "sign" language with
ordinary gesture if one is a wise guy.

I don't know if this is a fertile feed or a mine trap?  As they say
somethings are better left alone.

Keith Pric

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