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Re: A Gesture is Worth a Thousand Words and Bullets

Dec 15, 1997 09:41 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Keith:  If you want to see gestures just watch a rap video or a group of
>young people (adolescents) relating with the gang gestures such as the
>devil's horns (first and forth finger extended, the middle two retracted).
>Stan Tenon and others have done research suggesting that the Hebrew Alphabet
>and other sacred alphabets like the Egyptian and Sanskrit perhaps, used to
>be accompanined by gestures for each letter when in reciting in temple.

Keith, I think there was too much symbolism read into their gesture.  I
used to live in Hawaii, and the Hawaiians used gestures similar to that
(fourth and thumb extended, the rest retracted) as a form of greeting and
saying everything's cool.

Thoa :o)

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