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A Gesture is Worth a Thousand Words and Bullets

Dec 15, 1997 09:03 PM
by KeithHouston

Also the gestures and symbolisms have a hypnotic quality that is more than
> "theatrical" it  IS  M A G I C K A L!!!
Not being a big fan of news, I really know nothing about this. Where
might I see these gestures and symbolisms?

Keith:  If you want to see gestures just watch a rap video or a group of
young people (adolescents) relating with the gang gestures such as the
devil's horns (first and forth finger extended, the middle two retracted).
Stan Tenon and others have done research suggesting that the Hebrew Alphabet
and other sacred alphabets like the Egyptian and Sanskrit perhaps, used to
be accompanined by gestures for each letter when in reciting in temple.

Of course, the gangsters aren't speaking to us directly in English or any
other spoken language and will not, certainly not on this or any other
internet list.  It is blood in and blood out, that is violent retribution
for breaking the codes of silence.

Mudras can arise spontanously when in samadhi or less exalted states.  I
have experienced the unconscious need to express gestures while meditating.
So much of this may trully be on a lower occult plane of the Qlippoth
spilling over thourgh posession of people's lower vehicles by demonic
spirits that are trully behing this phenomenon to such an extent that no
rational person seem to have the guts to talk about it for fear of being
labeled a "kook".

Keith Price

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