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Re: Serious and Dangerous Topic

Dec 14, 1997 11:59 AM
by Vincent Beall

KeithHouston wrote:
> I am almost afraid to bring this topic up for fear of either being accused
> of being involved or mad.  But I think there is something behind the gang
> (called gansta in America) movement that really does reach into the occult
> worlds.
> The drug lords have wormed there way so deeply into the fabric of modern
> life that their influence extends from the filth and degredation of the drug
> user in the slum or prison to the very highest glamourous evil of Hollywood
> and Washington drug usage and prostitution.
> Also the gestures and symbolisms have a hypnotic quality that is more than
> "theatrical" it  IS  M A G I C K A L!!!

Not being a big fan of news, I really know nothing about this. Where
might I see these gestures and symbolisms?


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