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Serious and Dangerous Topic

Dec 14, 1997 12:03 PM
by KeithHouston

I am almost afraid to bring this topic up for fear of either being accused
of being involved or mad.  But I think there is something behind the gang
(called gansta in America) movement that really does reach into the occult

The drug lords have wormed there way so deeply into the fabric of modern
life that their influence extends from the filth and degredation of the drug
user in the slum or prison to the very highest glamourous evil of Hollywood
and Washington drug usage and prostitution.

Also the gestures and symbolisms have a hypnotic quality that is more than
"theatrical" it  IS  M A G I C K A L!!!
How much and how many have sold out to the Mephistophelean lure of pleasure
and fame.  How many will say to this hour, "tarry a moment", I repent like

Of course, you have the damage done by implanted memories of ritual child
abuse, that is therapist have uncovered false memories of childhood
"satanitc" abuse.  Some adults have gone so far as to accuse their rather
humdrum middle class parents of being witches and warlocks.  The images come
from modern movies and TV and not from repressed childhood experiences.
Which brings us to the collusion, if not the conspiratorial effort of those
in the rap music industry, pornography and viloent computer games in
promoted the dark side.

Beside Tipper Gore, is there anyone who knows what I am getting at??

Keith Price

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