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Re: "Getting birds"

Dec 08, 1997 09:54 AM
by M K Ramadoss

When greed for money or power takes possession, everyone tried to fudge and
take advantage of the situation and exploit it. Everywhere, there is a
market for anything you can imagine -- good, bad and indifferent.

It is the honest minority who are honest for honesty's sake. It is their
conscience that makes them honest.


At 11:57 AM 12/8/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>Honesty and trustworthiness pays itself in the long run. You have done the
>>right thing even though it costs you money.
>>Once you act dishonestly, once found out, causes such damage that can never
>>be fixed for love or money.
>But why the hell do so many act dishonestly in spite of what you are writing
>above in order to make out money?
>For instance I have seen on TV-news that in America they made a market
>research test about the peoples dreams and found out that they dream of a
>godness. So the hired an author writing books about the test results, started
>to sell these books (I am almost sure that t-shirts and cups etc. follow) and
>are at the time beeing founding travel agencies because the books say in
>the year 2000 Jesa (the name of the godness) shall appear in the desert
>Gobi. I am "getting birds" when I hear of something like this!
>Are they not aware in America that the year 2000 already was in 1997?
>What kind of a personality structure do salesmen have when there is
>nothing else left to sell than other peoples dreams? (It reminds me of
>the German movie "der Tod eines Handelsreisenden"). Why do some
>Americans so badly need retching-sweat-pink Holywood-facotries?

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