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"Getting birds"

Dec 08, 1997 08:54 AM
by Nicole Suter

>Honesty and trustworthiness pays itself in the long run. You have done the
>right thing even though it costs you money.
>Once you act dishonestly, once found out, causes such damage that can never
>be fixed for love or money.

But why the hell do so many act dishonestly in spite of what you are writing
above in order to make out money?

For instance I have seen on TV-news that in America they made a market
research test about the peoples dreams and found out that they dream of a
godness. So the hired an author writing books about the test results, started
to sell these books (I am almost sure that t-shirts and cups etc. follow) and
are at the time beeing founding travel agencies because the books say in
the year 2000 Jesa (the name of the godness) shall appear in the desert
Gobi. I am "getting birds" when I hear of something like this!

Are they not aware in America that the year 2000 already was in 1997?
What kind of a personality structure do salesmen have when there is
nothing else left to sell than other peoples dreams? (It reminds me of
the German movie "der Tod eines Handelsreisenden"). Why do some
Americans so badly need retching-sweat-pink Holywood-facotries?


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