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Speculation on the Return of the PROGENITORS

Dec 04, 1997 08:06 PM
by KeithHouston

The Seceret Doctrine describes the parents of humanity as coming from other
life waves, on other globes such as Venus for the fathers of our minds and
the moon for the mother of our bodies.  Other such as Zecheriah Stichen has
suggested that a careful reading of the ancient  Sumerian tablets reveals
that our anscestors created us in their image to mine gold.  The gold was
poweder and put in the atmosphere to prevent global warming and ozone layer
repair (Oh, if you believe AL Gore and all that, why not this???)

Anyway they return every 5,00o years give our take a mini-milenium and when
they come back, do you think that they will be pleased?  What if this were
true in some form..  You can substitute the Master M and KH and the Maha
Chohan or the Adi-Buddha or the Cosmic CHrist it all come to the same moral
imperative.  Who will be seperate and what will be the crieria.  Will it
BELIEF?   Will it be Vegetarianism, then Hitler would be saved?!

Will it be doing unto others as you would have them do unto you?  Many are
waiting and many are leaving, I mean look at HEAVEN's GATE!

I would like to think that an  "I am sorry and it is all the fault of take
your choice:  my parents, society, the church, the fascists, the communists,
the moral majority, and evil white men everywhere!"

I don't think our Cosmic Parent will buy it .  But I am practicing just in
case.  Hey!  It works for our Washington Earth Father;  William Clinton!

Keith Price

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