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HPB and copyright

Dec 04, 1997 04:25 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

I can testify from painful and expensive experience that not
all of HPB's writings are public domain.  Caves and Jungles,
translated a few decades ago by Boris de Zirkoff, is in that
version copyrighted by TPH--Wheaton.  Some articles in the Collected
Writings that had never been published in English before are
also new translations and copyrighted.  I had to pay a whopping
$225 to Wheaton to quote less than 2000 words from these
sources; amounting to about 10% of total royalties for TMR.
You can guess whose idea it was to charge me that amount.  Of
course, it was my own honesty that caused me to write seeking
permission to quote.  I doubt if anyone there would have
realized that these things were in a different category than
HPB's other writings, had I not figured it out myself and written
for permission.

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