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Dec 02, 1997 08:06 AM
by ramadoss

Very glad to have you on the list.

I started looking into Juno after a friend was looking for an
inexpensive way to send and receive e-mail. As you correctly mentioned,
the only limitation I found was that the msgs longer than 64000 bytes
cannot be sent or received. Also no attachments of pictures sound etc

In theos-xxxx mail lists the 64K limit is ok. You cannot post a msg over

I think the way Juno works is wonderful for its specific job of sending
and receiving e-mail.

I highly recommend it to everyone, even if you have an Internet service.


TomG626 wrote:
> I've been on Juno, the free E-mail service, since they first came online.
> Believe it was around May 1996.  The service has performed well for me under a
> variety of circumstances and I depend upon it for routine E-mail, saving
> myself time on the paid networks. The only limitation I have found was the
> size limitation posed by the centrral Juno computer.  One list I subscribed to
> sometimes had rather long digests (as high as 100K) and Juno's computer
> couldn't handle them. At that time (February 1997) Juno's system would not
> accept messages larger than 64K.  This has been adequate for most routine
> things, such as manuscripts of a couple thousand words, and virtually all
> other mail and attachments.  (In addition, it has a spell check program.) The
> service has been gaining advertisers and you do have to click off ad displays,
> usually two,  before getting into the service. Also there has been some E-mail
> solicitation,. but the volume is insignificant compared to, say, AOL.  A few
> extra clicks now and then, but the price is still zero.
> I've recently subscribed to this list and appreciate the chance to "listen
> in."
>  --Tom Griffin

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