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Dec 02, 1997 07:46 AM
by TomG626

I've been on Juno, the free E-mail service, since they first came online.
Believe it was around May 1996.  The service has performed well for me under a
variety of circumstances and I depend upon it for routine E-mail, saving
myself time on the paid networks. The only limitation I have found was the
size limitation posed by the centrral Juno computer.  One list I subscribed to
sometimes had rather long digests (as high as 100K) and Juno's computer
couldn't handle them. At that time (February 1997) Juno's system would not
accept messages larger than 64K.  This has been adequate for most routine
things, such as manuscripts of a couple thousand words, and virtually all
other mail and attachments.  (In addition, it has a spell check program.) The
service has been gaining advertisers and you do have to click off ad displays,
usually two,  before getting into the service. Also there has been some E-mail
solicitation,. but the volume is insignificant compared to, say, AOL.  A few
extra clicks now and then, but the price is still zero.

I've recently subscribed to this list and appreciate the chance to "listen
 --Tom Griffin

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