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Re: What are attacks?

Nov 18, 1997 09:33 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-11-18 23:56:53 EST, you write:

>If your desire to establish rules is to some extent in order to
>protect Theosophical Authorities from criticism, then to that
>extent I think it is misconceived.  They have been protecting
>themselves from it all too well for all too long, and the
>movement has suffered as a result.

See my answer to Ramadoss.  If Eldon wishes to establish rules on a list of
his creation that is his business.  If he thinks that any other list is going
to follow them he is wasting his time.

And if anyone wants to see what a mailing list is like that has totally free
discussion at all times, besides our happy home here, they should drop in on
zee-list and see what the Chaos Magicians do.  We really have fun there.

Chuck the Heretic

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