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Re: What are attacks?

Nov 18, 1997 05:43 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 05:38 PM 11/18/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In response to Eldon's question, I don't see that the Arcana
>guidelines would be any good in keeping Theosophists from
>attacking people or religions.  Why not?  Whoever does it
>always denies that attacking is what is going on.  Often that
>denial is combined with a further attack on the already
>attacked-- for "taking things personally."  
>As for attacking belief systems: some people, fundamentalist
>Theosophists certainly included, take any criticism or
>questioning of their beliefs as personal attacks.  For example,
>someone recently posted on theos-talk the claim that someone's
>asserting there were "demonstrable errors" in HPB's writings
>was "fighting words."
>If a moderator starts to make judgments on what is attacks
>and what isn't, it would be very hard to keep his/her own personal
>beliefs from influencing that judgment.  People by nature are
>much less tolerant of free speech of those who differ with them
>than of those who agree with them.  They tend to turn a blind
>eye to the nastiness of those "on our side" while exaggerating
>that of "heretics."
>I am also concerned that you, Eldon,  seem to have developed a
>heightened sensitivity to "attacks" and "backstabbing"
>of those not present, right after I finally, after two years
>of withholding the information, explained in a pretty dispassionate
>post the history behind John Algeo's negative reviews of The
>Masters Revealed.  Why did I post that?  In response to a
>lengthy and extremely personal attack on me, by a friend and
>supporter of his,  that made wild
>unsubstantiated accusations about the subject.
>If your desire to establish rules is to some extent in order to
>protect Theosophical Authorities from criticism, then to that
>extent I think it is misconceived.  They have been protecting
>themselves from it all too well for all too long, and the
>movement has suffered as a result.

Your points are well taken.

If there are any discussions or criticisms about any Theosophical
Authorities or Organizational Elected officals in any maillist, they should
be bold and courageous enough to come up and respond in the maillists which
they have not done so far. No one need to or should protect anyone
indirectly by implementing any rules, etiquette or moderation (or any other
round about technique).

Status-quo will serve us all well as it has done so far.


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