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Re: ethical systems: private post

Nov 15, 1997 12:00 PM
by A. Safron

> From:
> Subject: ethical systems
> Date: Friday, November 14, 1997 12:54 PM
> Case in point.  I am heavily into S/M, as everyone who knows me knows because
> I'm something of an activist in that area. <snip>
> Now that statement will actually cause a great number of my S/M comrades
> great upsetness because they do not believe that one should be that open.
>  And at that point an impasse occurs because they cannot stop me and I don't
> care if they approve or not, so they have the choice of shutting up or
> venting their impotent fury.

Go for it, Chuck.  The principles of S/M, as I see it, are the basic structure of
the universe as it acts in duality.  S/M makes it very clear and easier to
see.  Better than 10 volumes of HPB, as far as I'm concerned.  It's
certainly helped me sort out my relations and see where I was getting
screwed, when I didn't want to be.
> The situation is likewise true in the TS.
> The TS, for lots of weird, historic reasons, objects officially to people
> learning to do psychic stuff, but I write books specficially teaching that.
>  The powers that be are not happy, but do I stop writing because of that?  Of
> course not.
That's one reason I wrote that post about the Quest article.  "Think for
yourself."  Yeah, sure.  As long as you think like me, dress like me,
read what I read, act like me and eat those damn veggies like me.

That article wanted to put the issue of UFOs in some kind of  floaty,
intellectual, Jungian cloud that has no reality.  Reality?  "We don't
need no stinkin' reality here, at TSA."

I also think it might have been a whitewash because Applewhite's
female companion was a Theosophist.  Nice publicity there.

Till next time,

A. Safron

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