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UFOs & the Meaning of Life: Myth or Fact?

Nov 15, 1997 08:36 AM
by A. Safron

I logged onto Theos-l at this time to purposely comment on an
article in the Winter Issue of Quest Magazine, titled, "UFOs and the
Meaning of Life", by Mr. Ronald Story.  I will log off soon after posting  this,
as this is a very busy time for me.

The article is packed with many good points, which have
been expressed many times before.  One in particular was, "Think
for yourself."

I would like to take off from his article and present some
other ideas perhaps worth considering.

Mr. Story quotes Jung as saying UFOs "Have become living myths".
Yet many individuals claims to be abducted, have alien implants from their bodies removed,
scoop marks on their bodies, psychological trauma from examinations  and some even
claim to have their fetuses removed for inter-planetary breeding
purposes.  Myth or fact?

Hodson, many years ago, wrote of fairies, nature spirits and angels, usually considered the
subjects of children's books, rather than real entities.  They could only be seen if one was
clairvoyant, which was suspect itself.  This same idea was
echoed by the Findhorn Community in Scotland in the 60's.  Peter and Eileen Caddy communicated
with the "devas" and nature spirits, while another member was
even privileged to talk to Pan himself.  Myth or fact?

CW Leadbeater wrote in his book, "Science of the Sacraments", of working with the
angelic kingdom.  Of orders of angels that only exist to do the Lord's bidding and sending
healing out to the world.  Myth or fact?

And now for the big one.  Many people have claimed that highly
advanced beings exist, helping humanity and taking on pupils and disciples to help them in
their work. They call them the "Masters."  Myth or fact?

The late, great Carl Sagan had his project SETI antennas
aimed at the stars - listening.  For one sign that there was life
beyond this planet.  As a scientist, he scoffed at those
who readily accepted the idea of aliens and UFOs, claiming he
was looking for that "smoking gun", that alien ashtray that someone
brought back from an abduction episode.

Jumping back to Mr. Story's original idea, we must all think for
ourselves on these issues.  Fairies, elves, sprites, aliens, angels, Masters.  Quite a
cast of characters.  If the God/Goddess is writing this novel, they're pretty damn good

Most people that have seen a UFO or been abducted are labeled as kooks.  There were
demonstrations in downtown Chicago last year, where these very people marched to demand

Because of my research, I have had dreams of being on spaceships and meeting aliens.  I am not
ashamed to say they scared the piss out of me.

Personally, I think the idea of relegating UFOs, spaceships, aliens,
beings from other planets, or even other dimensions, to simple
myth rather sad.  

That means we are terribly alone in this universe.

Over and out . . .

A. Safron

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