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Re: Dreams (Oops!)

Nov 14, 1997 02:28 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:32 AM 11/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>So the gist of my dream interpretation is that I was being
>warned that an unforeseen force was heading straight for me,
>and that if I didn't stop what I was doing [e.g. caring what
>fundamentalist Theosophists think about the work and arguing
>with them] that there would be a big wreck.  I don't think it
>was accidental that the train and car were both heading at me
>from the right, given the fundamentalist nature of the
>attacks.  Reading Pratt's
>stuff was a revelation as for the first time such an attack
>provoked absolutely no reaction in me.  It was such a relief to
>know that there was no reason to reply to this one.

Another angle/interpretation. Some force bigger than the train, is guarding
and protecting you and alerting you to just watch out lest the dumb train
trashes the nice car and its more precious occupant(s).

As I have pointed out again and again, those beings who are much ahead of us
in evolution does not care if we make mistakes (which we are bound to from
time to time) in any of our judgments and conclusions, but always are
supportive and grateful for anyone who is helping the "orphan Humanity" in
any little way possible it is all that matters. In a matter of business like
manner, it is the results that count.


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