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Dreams (Oops!)

Nov 10, 1997 06:32 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Sorry, folks, I'd copied a post to this list but it seems not
to have gotten here, so the followup made no sense.  The gist
of the original post was describing two dreams and my tentative
interpretation.  First dream, I'm driving along a highway at a
high speed when suddenly I brake and come to a stop, not
because of any sign or known reason but just because something
tells me to stop.  The moment I come to a halt, a train comes
racing across the road, a long, heavy, high-speed [coal,
probably] train coming from the right.  There were no markings
for a RR crossing and it was dark.  Second dream, same
pattern, night driving, slow down and stop for no obvious
reason, and the moment I do a car comes racing through an
unmarked intersection.  In both cases if I hadn't stopped the
crash would probably have been fatal.

Background: this was the week after I had learned TMR was out
in India, and for some reason I had spoken up (and gotten piled
on of course) on theos-talk, poking at various people for
hateful things they'd said two years ago or more.  The
immediate subject at hand was whether or not there was such a
thing as theosophical fundamentalism; when someone denied it I
started citing all the evidence shown me by various people
including several on the list.  The day after the second dream,
Daniel announced the publication of David Pratt's 136 [web]
page denunciation of everything I ever wrote about the Masters,
the longest such thing to date.  Just that day I had gone
through a strange change of heart, suddenly stopping caring
what any of these people thought about the books due in part to
a rather rude comment made by someone on the list.

So the gist of my dream interpretation is that I was being
warned that an unforeseen force was heading straight for me,
and that if I didn't stop what I was doing [e.g. caring what
fundamentalist Theosophists think about the work and arguing
with them] that there would be a big wreck.  I don't think it
was accidental that the train and car were both heading at me
from the right, given the fundamentalist nature of the
attacks.  Reading Pratt's
stuff was a revelation as for the first time such an attack
provoked absolutely no reaction in me.  It was such a relief to
know that there was no reason to reply to this one.

Not as eloquent as the lost post, but it should explain the
followup.  Lorraine, Judith and Johanna are all on the netsfg
list to which the original post went.


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