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Re: Self-development and service

Nov 10, 1997 06:33 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:51 AM 11/10/97 -0500, wrote:

>You are
>quite right in talking of motives.  Appearances can be deceiving and NONE of
>us can know another's true motives.  

Some times men and women act with *wrong* motives; but there appears to be
the hidden hand moving events in the right direction. Here is an interesting

In 1875, when the Independent State of Texas was established, the founders
felt that it is in the best interests to set up a State supported
University. So the University of Texas was chartered with 50,000 acres of
fertile land in South Texas. The legislators later thought that very fertile
land should not have been given to the school and made a change -- they
endowed couple of millions of acres of land in West Texas hill country where
nothing grows -- only some cattle can graze in exchange for the 50,000 acres
of fertile land. The legislators thought they had screwed the school with
the deal. What they did not know was that under the West Texas country was
oil and gas, which was discovered in 1916. Today the UT, Austin is the
second richest endowed school in the USA. Wonder what the legislators are
thinking from Devachan or whereever they are.


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