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Re: Defining Soul

Nov 09, 1997 06:49 PM
by Vincent Beall

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> In message <>, Vincent Beall <>
> writes
> >At the risk of being laughed at, I am one who knows something about
> >modification of the soul. The soul can undergo changes, and it really is
> >part of the practice of some metaphysicians. Furthermore, the soul is
> >sometimes modified by spiritual experiences which have occured not by
> >design. Sometimes one makes use of methods to modify one's own soul, or
> >undergoes an initiation that makes modification. This all really very
> >ordinary, althought, occult.
> What is your definition of "soul" -?

Well, soul really is not something that is very well approached by
definitions. Soul is within the observations experienced in the
higherself. You can understand what soul is through several types of
peak experience. One experience of this type may not provide you with a
very secure understanding, but as variety of such experience is gained
one becomes asured. 

In a nutshell there is a overarching spiritual principle which is all
pervasive. All objects and substances in creation are virtual. This
applies to all physical substance. As you already must know the Hindu
aphorism, that the world is illusion. Well, knowing this truth by way of
experience, confirms the virtual nature of all things. 

Most ordinary use of the word soul has the meaning "spiritual-soul".
This soul is the essential you, it has structure, and within the
structure your entire self is reproduced complete with consiousness. The
substance of this 'organism' is spirit. A spiritual substance which when
felt and seen has been likened to fire, wind and water. The aura is a
swelling of the soul; a luminous atmosphere that emanates from the body
seemingly blooming from the heart. When someone is in such a state of
grace, the body has a degree of transparency. Transparency when profound
renders the corpreal body ephemeral; referred to as the "rainbow body"
by some Buddhists.

If this seems to be complete unbelievable, your younger than you know.

take care...

> Alan

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