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Re: THEOS-L digest 1308

Nov 07, 1997 03:41 AM
by tosaki

Michael wrote:
> Cornelius Rogge and Auke Sonnega. I have devoted on my site pages two both
> of them.
> Incidentally, it is Mondriaan (Piet) and not Mondrian.
> Mondriaan published articles on the theoretical background of his paintings
> in the Dutch magazine 'De Stijl" (1917-?) Five were published in German  as
> a Bauhaus book.

Hi Micheal,

Mondrian changed his name intentionally after 1907 from Mondriaan to
Mondrian. Please see Michel Seuphor, "Piet Mondrian: Life and Work",
Themes and Hudson, London, 1956, Appendix 'Mondrian's Signatures'.
This change is reported to be because of his intention to be
international painter and some scholar argues that he wanted to sever
the bondage with his stringent Calvinist father.

I browsed your homepage. Looks very interesting. Thank you.
> Michael

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