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Re: Quest Books 1997 Holiday Gift Catalog - Followup

Nov 06, 1997 05:17 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I have sent a msg to John Algeo by e-mail, fax and First Class Mail on the
topic. Will let you all know when I receive a response.


At 07:35 PM 11/5/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Some of us got the 1997 Quest Books  Holiday Gift Catalog in the mail. 
>In it, John Algeo, National President writes:
>Dear Friend of Quest Books:
>The books and audios in this catalog come from the publishing arm of the
>Theosophical Society, a nondenominational organization devoted to helping
>its members:
>        x realize their inner potentials and seek out the mysteries of the
>        x reconcile the truths of science, religion, and philosophy in East
>and West,
>          and
>        x promote unity among ethnic groups, sexes, social classes, and
>adherents to
>          belief systems.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> clip <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>The above looks familiar like the three objects of the Theosophical Society.
>What is intriguing is that in all instances in the past when anytime TS is
>introduced, the first object is the one not only explicitly first mentioned,
>but also emphasis is placed and explained that it is the primary objective
>of the TS. One only needs to look at ML to APS and other early literature
>where the Real Founders again and again try to make it clear that the first
>object is all important.
>The above statement in the Quest Catalog, it appears that "realize their
>inner potential and seeking out the mysteries of the universe" is first focus. 
>To my novice mind, such an endeavour seems like a very selfish pursuit,
>however laudable and widely acceptable in today's world. Is it possible that
>shifting the focus/priority from the first object to that of "realizing the
>inner potential" might change the direction to a wrong one. Is TS(Adyar)
>changing direction?
>Just my 0.02. YMDMV.
>	Peace to all living entities.
>	mkr
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