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sound familiar?

Nov 05, 1997 07:48 AM
by Nicole Suter

To doss:
"It also appears that we will have to wait until the current younger generation
takes over leadership role for things to change. With the current bylaws, by
the time that happens, most of us would be dead and ready to incarnate."

Sometimes things may change faster. An example: I am working for the
Swiss Federal Institut of Technology. Here everyone has to learn that there
is no leadership anymore and each individual is responsible for him/her-
selves. A professor is here to inspire his student. Students judge freely if
the liked the course of lectures, what could have been done better ...
or other people who do not wish to follow this new system are talked to
and sometimes they have to go to economy or getting retired earlier or what-
ever solution can be found for the individual person.


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